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We offer a brand new and creative form of advertising.

Cheeky Ads™ is an unique eco-friendly advertising company which specializes in an unconventional advertising methods involving the use of trained models as either walking talking billboards with Body ads or Live Mannequins™.

What sets the Cheeky Ads™ methods apart from other forms of advertising is that it gets people to take that second look. Other forms of advertising such as billboards, poster and flyers are so common, that people have become desensitized to them and in some cases even annoyed by them. Cheeky Ads™ offers a new and attractive form of advertising that people don’t see every day.

These new forms of marketing can attract the attention of and interact with masses of people in a friendly and attractive way.

Cheeky Ads™ is proud to be a GREEN company. By using Cheeky Ads™ you are using an environmentally friendly advertising medium.

We at Cheeky Ads™ believe in customer service and satisfaction! Each of our packages can be customized to suit your needs.

If you have any questions please contact us and don't forget to ask about our specials!